KARL BOHM 1894 - 1981

 One of the most famous operatic conductors of the 20th century. He is most noted for his interpretations of Richard Strauss, Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Anton Bruckner, Alban Berg and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart .

Karl Bohm was born in Graz, Austria, on August 28, 1894. The son of a lawyer, he studied law before he entered the Graz Conservatory and then the Vienna Conservatory. He left Vienna in 1921 when Bruno Walter called him to Munich. In 1927 he was appointed as chief musical director in Darmstadt. From 1931 to 1934 he fulfilled the same function at the Hamburg Opera and was appointed professor. He made his debut at the Vienna State Opera in 1933 and was appointed general manager of the Dresden State Opera the same year. He succeeded Fritz Busch, who had gone into exile, as the head of the Dresden Opera from 1934 to 1942.This was an important period for him in which he conducted first performances of works by Richard Strauss Die schweigsame Frau (1938), and Daphne (1938), which is dedicated to him. From 1943 to 1944 he directed the Vienna Opera. On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Richard Strauss, he conducted the festival performance of Ariadne on Naxos. In 1957 he conducted Don Giovanni at the Met and he gave many powerful and riviting performances there through the 1970's. Karl Bohm worked regularly with the world's finest orchestras, including the Vienna Philharmonic and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras. He died in Salzburg on August 14, 1981. It was said by some that in his later years (as his hearing became less acute) his orchestral textures sometimes overpowered the singers on stage during his legendary Richard Strauss operatic performances. However, it made for very exciting listening for enthusists of this legendary conductor.

 Uno dei conduttori operatic più famosi del ventesimo secolo. Più è notato per le sue interpretazioni di Richard Strauss, di Ludwig van Beethoven, di Richard Wagner, di Anton Bruckner, di Alban Berg e di Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Karl Bohm è stato sopportato a Graz, Austria, il 28 agosto 1894. Il figlio di un avvocato, ha studiato la legge prima che entrasse nel conservatory de Graz ed allora nel conservatory de Vienna. Ha lasciato Vienna in 1921 in cui Bruno Walter lo ha denominato a Monaco di Baviera. In 1927 è stato nominato come direttore musicale principale a Darmstadt. 1931 - 1934 ha compiuto la stessa funzione all'opera de Amburgo ed è stato nominato professore. Ha fatto il suo debutto a Vienna Dichiarare l'opera in 1933 ed è stato nominato direttore generale di Dresda Dichiara l'opera lo stesso anno. Ha riuscito Fritz Busch, che aveva entrato nel exile, come la testa dell'opera de Dresda da 1934 a 1942.This era un periodo importante per lui in quale ha condotto le prime prestazioni degli impianti dallo schweigsame Frau (1938) del dado del Richard Strauss e Daphne (1938), che è dedicato a lui. 1943 - 1944 ha diretto l'opera de Vienna. In occasione dell'ottantesimo compleanno di Richard Strauss, ha condotto le prestazioni di festival di Ariadne su Naxos. In 1957 che ha condotto indossi Giovanni al venuto a contatto a ed ha dato molti potenti e le prestazioni riviting là con gli anni 70 Karl Bohm hanno funzionato regolarmente con le orchestre più fini del mondo, compreso Vienna Philharmonic e le orchestre de Berlino Philharmonic. È morto a Salisburgo il 14 agosto 1981. Si è detto da alcuno che durante i suoi anni più tardi (mentre la sua udienza è diventato meno acuta) le sue strutture orchestral a volte overpowered i cantanti sulla fase durante le sue prestazioni operatic leggendarie del Richard Strauss. Tuttavia, ha portato a ascoltare molto emozionante i enthusists di questo conduttore leggendario.

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Disco Archivia 1144
Karl Boehm conducts
Boehm - Rysanek, Dooley, Konya, Chookasian, Shirley, Macurdy
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is priced as if it were Two single CDs.
Disco Archivia 1145
Karl Boehm conducts
Boehm - Rysanek, Grist, Lear, King, Uppman, Dooley, Love, Meredith. Includes bonus interview with legendary singers - Lehmann and Jeritza .
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Disco Archivia 1146
Karl Boehm conducts
27/2/71 Boehm - Nilsson, Rysanek, Madeira, Stewart, Nagy
18/3/72 Boehm - Rysanek, Dalis, Godfrey, Stolze, Stewart, MacWherter, Velis, Macurdy
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Disco Archivia 1147
Karl Boehm conducts
Boehm - Lear, Mathis, Fassbaender, Jungworth (includes performance/interview with Lear, Thomas and Blegen)
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Disco Archivia 1148
Karl Boehm conducts
Boehm: Rysanek, Vickers, Berry, Tozzi, Blegen, Dickie, Macurdy.
Disco Archivia 1149
Karl Boehm conducts in STEREO
VPO 4/5/75
Mozart:Sinfonie in c dur kv. 338
Strauss: Ein Heldenleben
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Disco Archivia 1150
Karl Boehm conducts
Boehm - Rysanek, King, Dalias, Ludwig, Berry, Dooley


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Disco Archivia 1151
Karl Boehm conducts
Boehm - McCracken, Zylis-Gara, Milnes, Love, Velis, Plishka, Love, DiGiuseppe
 Disco Archivia 1154
Karl Boehm conducts in STEREO VPO 13/10/74
Prokofiev:Peter & Wolf with K.H. Boehm narratior
Tchaikovksy:Sinfonie n. 4
(see 1155 for balance of concert)
  Disco Archivia 1155
Karl Boehm conducts in STEREO CZECH Phil. 3/8/67
Strauss:Tod und Verklarung
Dvorak:Sinfonie n. 9
plus: Mozart:Sinfonie Kv. 16 13/10/74 VPO (see 1154)
 Disco Archivia 1156 a 2 CD SET
Karl Boehm conducts in STEREO NYPS
CLAUDIO ARRAU in both Brahms Concertos
Concert of 8/3/71 in NY
Mozart: Sinfonie n. 28
Brahms: Piano Con. #2 with Arrau
Stravinsky:Firebird Suite bonus:
Brahms:Piano Con. #2 Arrau
BPO conducted by Bertini 7/10/73
Disco Archivia 1157 a 2 CD SET
Karl Boehm conducts VPO 1958
Weber:Freischutz Ov.
Strauss:4 Last Songs with L. Della Casa
Bruckner:Sinfonie n. 7
bonus: Beethoven:Sinfonie n. 7 Boehm VPO 21/4/74
Disco Archivia 1158 a 2 CD SET
Karl Boehm conducts in STEREO Czech Phil. 1971
and VPO STEREO 1979 Concert
Beethoven:Piano Concerto n. 5 with E. Gilel
Tchaikovsky:Sinfonie n. 4 - plus bonus a complete
STEREO Bohm VPO Salzburg 1979 Concert
Weber:Oberon Ov
Brahms: Alto Rhapsody with C. Ludwig and
Brahms:Sinfonie n. 2
Disco Archivia 1159 a 2 CD SET
Karl Boehm conducts ASO in NY 6/11/66
Mozart:Sinfonie n. 34
Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphisis
Schubert:Sinfonie n. 9 plus bonus:
Beethoven:Sinfonie n. 2 VPO 4/21/74
Beethoven:Egmont Ov. BPO Bertini 7/10/73

  Disco Archivia 1160
Karl Boehm conducts in STEREO

Bruckner:Sinfonie n. 8 19/4/74 VPO

  Disco Archivia 1161 Bruckner Fest 2 CD SET
Karl Boehm, Abbado and Horvath conducts in STEREO
Bruckner:Sinfonie n. 7 VPO Abbado 12/5/74
Bruckner:Sinfonie n. 8 Boehm VPO 8/2/76
Bruckner:Psalm 150 Horvath ORF 20/4/74