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Disco Archivia CDs by number/ artist
As a disclaimer. please understand that the vast majority of "Great Soloists"
(piano, violin, cello, vocal) who perform in orchestral concerts are
listed only within the "Great Conductors" listings. Unfortunately, soloists
in orchestral concerts, generally do not have their own separate sub-sections.
Example, dozens of "Claudio Arrau"performances will be scattered
among perhaps a dozen "Great Conductor" listings .. indeed the "Great Soloist"
index under "Arrau"brings up only one title (with Barenboim -Israel Philharmonic).
Unfortunately, you will need to search among each "Great Conductor"
listing (conductor by conductor) to locate each of the many Arrau performances .

Disco Archivia 040-099 Series - Van Beinum/ Horenstein/ Dorati/ Scherchen

Disco Archivia 100 Series -Arturo Toscanini conducts

Disco Archivia 200 Series -Leopold Stokowski conducts (includes 2000 series)

Disco Archivia 300- 325 Series -Thomas Beecham conducts

Disco Archivia 326-389 Series -George Szell conducts

Disco Archivia 390-398 Istvan Kertez/ Josef Krips ( 394-396, 1124/25, 1178/79 )/ William Furtwangler

Disco Archivia 400-446 section includes many "Direct CD Transfer from the only Master Tape" titles

The Great Recitals and Soloists / Thomas Schippers

Disco Archivia 447-450 (and 458) Rudolf Kempe

Disco Archivia 451-459, 754-757, 790-794 series Ansermet / Otterloo / D.Barenboim / Morton Gould

George Enesco, Aaron Copland (also 718 and 767)

Disco Archivia 460-493 Maurice Abravanel conducts

Disco Archivia 494-499 Rafael Kubelik (also 431) / Barenboim/ deWaart/Bamert/ Malcal/

G.Schuller/ Menuhin/ Maag/ Enesco/ Waldman/ Sargent

Disco Archivia 500-550 section( in progress) reserved for Paul Paray (also Paray 1033-1043 and 1003)

Disco Archivia 551-599 section (in progress) reserved for Leonard Bernstein(in progress)

Disco Archivia 600-639 section Pierre Monteux conducts

Disco Archivia 640-658 section Fritz Reiner conducts in progress)

Disco Archivia 660-679 section (in progress) Erich Leinsdorf conducts

Disco Archivia 680-698 Serege Koussevitzky, 699 H. Villa-Lobos

Disco Archivia 700 section (in progress) Andre Kostelanetz, Otto Klemperer,Fritz Busch,
Clemens Krauss, Robert Irving,Arthur Fiedler, Eugene Ormandy,
Pierre Boulez, Adrian Boult, Lorin Maazel, Guido Cantelli,
Max Rudolf 768 - 772 and 419 , M.T. Thomas, , James Nelson, Charles Mackerras, Colin Davis
Disco Archivia Klaus Tennstedt 800-809 and 708 , 709

Disco Archivia 1001-1014 Miscellaneous Individual Historic Mono Releases

Disco Archivia 1015-1022 (&1032) Herbert Von Karajan conducts plus 1130-1141

Disco Archivia 1023-1026 1110-1114 William Steinberg conducts (in progress)

Disco Archivia 1027-1031 Karl Schuricht conducts

Disco Archivia 1033-1043 Paul Paray conducts conducts plus 500-550 section (in progress)

Disco Archivia 1044-1056 Bruno Walter conducts

Disco Archivia 1057-1061 and 797-799 Carlo Maria Giulini conducts

Disco Archivia - 1062-1068 1183, 1112 Jean Martinon conducts (in progress)

Disco Archivia 1069-1071 Mitropoulos with Great NY Soloists

Disco Archivia Erich Keliber 1168 1073-1075

Disco Archivia 1076-1091 John Barbirolli

Disco Archivia1100-1114 1023-1026 William Steinberg(in progress)

Disco Archivia 1115-1123 also 1163-1164 Celibidache

Disco Archivia 1124 -1125 Josef Krips 394-396 1178-1179

Disco Archivia 1126-1129 1167 Igor Markevitch

Disco Archivia Herbert Von Karajan 1130-1141 1015-1022 (&1032)

Disco Archivia 1144-1160 and higher Karl Bohm

Miscellaneous Live Operas and RAI Operas 1169 and higher (in progress), and 700

Disco Archivia 1184-1194 George Solti

Disco Archivia 1195 to 1199 (also 670) Mstislav Rostropovich conducts

Disco Archivia 1301-1375 Charles Munch conducts(in progress)

Disco Archivia 1376-1388 - Artur Rodzinski conducts

Disco Archivia 3000 series (in progress): Ataulfo Argenta - Rafael Fruhbeck de Burgos - Anatole Fistoulari

What this means:
"Direct CD transfer from the only master tape"
a descriptor to find one of a kind performances.
Over the years we have taken pleasure in releasing brilliant in-house
(non-broadcast) STEREO performances transferred directly from the
only known original master tapes of these"Live"performances.
We have released (and will release) great performances
from these only extant tapes by such now legendary artists as:
Von Karajan, Steinberg, Dorati, Serkin, Bernstein, Stokowski, Solti,
Rostropovitch, Ricci, Schippers, Martinon, Giulini, Previn, Abbado,
Maazel, Boulez, Waldman, Maag and dozens of others, including unreleased
performances by Gedda, Sills, Sutherland, Pavarotti, Prey, the NYC Opera,
the Metropolitan, the Bolshoi Opera and much much more.
"Direct CD transfer from the only master tape"