Special Limited Edition - Rare Archival Sources - now over 100 releases.

Each Toscanini Music CD-R (which plays on regular CD or DVD Players) features up to 79 minutes of elegantly hosted radio broadcasts from a golden era that bloomed over a half century ago. Enjoy the sound and ambience of a complete Arturo Toscanini concert from a lost era in radio broadcasting. Complete announcements introduce and bridge each section, there is even an occasional intermission segment. This is a direct analogue transfer process carefully done from the very limited edition of Arturo Toscanini Society recordings issued many decades ago. Each disc captures sound far more warm and rich than is frequently heard through filtered digital processing (which can remove as much musicality as surface noise). No attempt has been made to edit any content out of these discs of the broadcasts. So travel back with us to the earlier half of the last century and imagine what it must have been like to hear these broadcasts on your large floor standing AM tube radio from an easy chair in your living room. Each CD-R is not annotated. A Very limited supply. Caution: The sound on these discs is not represented to be up to modern fidelity standards and there is surface noise and very occasional radio static.

 Arturo Toscanini was the most important and greatest conductor in the history of music. Before the advent of radio a great conductor was deemed a success if his music was heard by thousands of listeners in a year. Just before the mid-20th century, the advent of concerts broadcast over the radio throughout the world changed the potential number of listeners to millions a year. In the history of music no conductor attracted more listeners on a regular basis than the radio and TV broadcasts conducted by Toscanini. Hearing and seeing the quality of his conducting bore witness to his genius. During the era of great conducting, he was the greatest and his NBC Symphony (1937-1954) the most virtuosic the world heard and will apparently ever hear. The popularity of classical music in Europe and the United States was in no small part the product of frequent radio broadcasts of "live" classical music concerts. When sound on film arrived, even Hollywood seized on classical music for original movie scores by great composers and included classical music in cartoons for children. During the 1930's, through radio and film, young people became familiar with classical music sounds even before they knew what it was! For adults, the proliferation of a positive image for classical music to the lower and middle classes happened! The high visibility of the frequent broadcasts of a genius like Toscanini, increased classical music listeners by millions. Classical music could be heard coming from AM radios in tenements, from auto radios (even the taxi or truck driver might be tuned to a Toscanini broadcast). It is estimated that by 1950 over 20% of records sales was classical and as many listeners said their preferred listening taste was classical. Cut to the early 21st century, classical music sales had fallen to about 2% and most cities no longer have a classical radio station. Enjoy this CD of music from a century when classical music filled the air and the finest conductor of this era of greatest listening was simply known as "Maestro".   Arturo Toscanini era il conduttore più importante e più grande nella storia di musica. Prima dell' avvenimento della radio un conduttore grande è stato ritenuto un successo se la sua musica fosse sentita dai migliaia degli ascoltatori durante un anno. Appena prima il secolo di mid-20th, l' avvenimento dei concerti ha trasmesso per radio sopra la radio durante il mondo ha cambiato il numero potenziale di ascoltatori a milioni un l' anno. Nella storia di musica nessun conduttore ha attratto più ascoltatori su una base normale che la radio e le radiodiffusioni di TV condotte da Toscanini. Sentendo e vedendo la qualità del suo testimone di condotta del foro al suo genius. Durante l' era di condotta grande, era il più grande ed il suo symphony di NBC (1937-1954) che il più virtuosic il mondo si è sentito ed apparentemente mai che si sentirà. La popolarità di musica classica Europa ed in Stati Uniti era in nessuna piccola parte che il prodotto di frequenti radiodiffusioni radiofoniche di " vive " concerti classici di musica. Quando il suono sulla pellicola è arrivato, persino Hollywood ha grippato su musica classica per i segni originali di movie dai compositori grandi ed ha incluso la musica classica in fumetti per i bambini. Durante il 1930.s, attraverso la radio e la pellicola, i giovani sono diventato esperti con i suoni classici di musica persino prima che conoscessero che cosa era! Per gli adulti, la proliferazione d'un' immagine positiva per musica classica ai codici categoria più bassi e centrali è accaduto! L' alta visibilità di frequenti radiodiffusioni d'un genius gradisce Toscanini, ascoltatori classici aumentati di musica da milioni. La musica classica potrebbe essere venire sentito dalle radio di in appartamenti, dalle radio automatiche (il driver del camion o persino del tassì potrebbe essere sintonizzato ad una radiodiffusione di Toscanini). È valutato che da 1950 20% eccessivi dei record le vendite erano classiche ed altretanti ascoltatori detti il loro gusto preferito ascoltare era classico. Tagliare al ventunesimo secolo in anticipo, le vendite classiche di musica erano caduto circa a 2% e la maggior parte delle città più non hanno una stazione radiofonica classica. Godere questo CD di musica da un secolo in cui la musica classica ha riempito l' aria ed il conduttore più fine di questa era di ascoltare più grande è stato conosciuto semplicemente come " Maestro ".

Please note the dates of these performances.... each CD-R contains performance that were never before issued... on any commercial CD. Many CD-R's present the complete hour long broadcasts with announcements (plus all have rare bonus fillers... you get up to 79 minutes of music
on each CD-R).

 Disco Archivia 180

NBC Concert 6/1/46
NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
Tannhäuser: Prelude to Act III (Original version)
Seigfried Idyll
Götterdammerüng: Dawn and Rhine Journey
Die Meistersinger: Prelude, Act 1
NBC Symphony Orchestra 1/1/38
Strauss:Tod und Verklärung

 Disco Archivia 181

NBC Concert 28/19/45
NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
Brahms: Tragic Overture
Brahms: Symphony No. 4
Beethoven Symphony No. 1
BBC Symphony Orchestra, 25/10/37

 Disco Archivia 182

NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanni
Leone Sinigaglia: Overture to La Baruffe Chiozzote 23/2/47
Kurt Atterberg: Symphony No. 6 'Dollar Symphony' in C, Op. 31 21/11/43
Stravinsky: Petrouchka Suite 21/12/40
Roy Harris: Symphony No. 3 16/3/40

 Disco Archivia 183

NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
Broadcast 28/11/ 43 NBC
Die Meistersinger: Prelude to Act 3
Tannhäuser: Overture und Venusberg Music
Tristan und Isolde: Prelude und Liebestod
Die Walküre: Ride of Walkuries
bonus War Bond Concert- part 2
Broadcast - no audience, 1/24/42
Schubert: Symphony No. 8, 'Unfinished', in B minor

 Disco Archivia 184

NBC Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Arturo Toscanini
Mozart: Symphony No. 41 in C "Jupiter" K551 5/20/40
Brahms: Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68 6/5/40
Enesco: Romanian Rhapsody #1 14/12/40

 Disco Archivia 185

Vladimir Horowitz, piano
NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
5/24//41 Carnegie Hall
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.1
Live NBC broadcast 23/10/48
Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 2

 Disco Archivia 186

2 CD Set
NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
Broadcast live on 5/11/38
Graener: Die Flöte von Sanssouci - only performance
Barber: Adagio for Strings - world première
Barber: Essay for Orchestra No. 1, Op. 12 - world première
Debussy: Ibéria
Dvorák: Symphony No. 9
bonus: NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
All live broadcasts from NBC Studio 8H, New York:
Sibelius: Symphony No. 4 in A minor, Op. 63 27/4/40
Elgar: Introduction and Allegro 20/4/40
Vaughan Williams : Fantasy on a Theme by Thomas Tallis

 Disco Archivia 187

Toscanini NBC Symphony 9/9/45
Cherubini: Overture to Anacréon
Smetana: Moldau (No. 2 from 'Ma Vlast')
Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 5 'Reformation'
bonus: War Bonds Concert -part 1
Broadcast - no audience, 24/1/42
Mendelssohn: Ov. A Midsummer Night's Dream
Barber: Essay for Orchestra No. 1

 Disco Archivia 188

NBC Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Arturo Toscanini
Recorded live at NBC 11/10/46
Schumann - Manfred Overture
Tchaikovsky - Manfred Symphony
bonus: War Bonds Concert -part 3
Broadcast - no audience, 24/1/42
Verdi: Overture to I Vespri Siciliani
The Star-Spangled Banner

 Disco Archivia 189

Arturo Toscanini conducts NYPS and the Vienna Philharmonic
Bruckner:Symphony No. 7 NYPS 27/1/35
Wagner: Rhine Journey VPO in Salzburg 9/26/34



TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
52 Episode Award Winning NBC Radio
series which ran from June 5, 1963-May 27, 1964
Hosted by Ben Grauer Produced by Don Gillis
Each CD contains edited versions of about
4 (or 5) of these weekly Broadcasts
(up to 80 minutes in length).


Our survey of 52 episodes containing nearly all of these programs. Any original Toscanini performances which have been released by RCA other has been omitted. We are leaving only those performances and rehearsals which have not yet emerged on CD format. However, we will be including the complete series of interviews conducted by Ben Grauer and Don Gillis which aired during these broadcasts. These interviews now serve as an important aspect of the aural history of classical music through the mid- 20th Century, with particular emphasis on Arturo Toscanini and those who knew him


Disco Archivia 170 - Volume 1
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
 Program No. 50 - May 12, 1964
Interview: Edwin Bachman (violin) 
Program No. 49 - May 5, 1964
Interview: Walter Legge (recording producer)
 Program No. 47 - April 22, 1964
Feature: The Eloquent Baton-fascinating segment which demonstrates Toscanini rehearsal and conducting style - comments from former NBC members and other. Also, a second feature Toscanii in Rehearsal of Ravel:Daphnis et Chloe suite.
 Program No. 48 - April 29, 1964
Requiem Mass - Luigi Cherubini
Interview: David Garroway (NBC page)


 Disco Archivia 171 - Volume 2
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
 Program No. 43 - March 25, 1964
Feature: The Parma Years feature includes performance of Toscanini own compositon Scherzo for Orch. and profiles his early years at the Parma Conservatory including interviews some then still living students. Also includes Toscanini conducting
a work by Martucci:Noveletta
 Program No. 45 - April 8, 1964
Interview: Bruno Zirato
(managing director, New York Philharmonic)
 Program No. 46 - April 15, 1964
Interview: Peter Wilhousky (composer/arranger)


Disco Archivia 172 - Volume 3
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
  Program No. 37 - February 5, 1964
Interview: John Corbet (RCA recording engineer)
 Program No. 42 - March 18, 1964
Interview: Rosa Raisa (soprano)
 Program No. 34 - January 15, 1964
Interview: Milton Katims (viola and conductor)
Program No. 25 - November 20, 1963 
Interview: Lotte Lehmann (soprano)
Interview:Eleanor Steber (soprano)
 Program No. 35 - January 22, 1964
Interview: Wilfrid Pelletier (conductor)


Disco Archivia 173 - Volume 4
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
Program No. 1 - June 5, 1963             
Don Gillis interviews Ben Grauer ... many other voices
plus: Interview: General David Sarnoff
(executive, RCA)
Scope of the entire series is outlined -
Toscanini speaks
 Program No. 2 - June 12, 1963
Interview: Giovanni Martinelli (tenor)
Program No. 3 - June 19, 1963 
Interview: Eugene Ormandy
 Program No. 4 - June 26, 1963
Aida - Giuseppe Verdi - Toscanini rehearsals...
Herva Nelli guest.
Interviews: Mrs. Eleanor Belmont
(founder, Met Opera Guild) 
Marchese di Montezemolo, Italian Consulate
Disco Archivia 174 - Volume 5
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
 Program No. 16 - September 18, 1963
Interview: Andre Kostalanetz (conductor and arranger)
 Program No. 17 - September 25, 1963
Interview: Morton Gould (composer)
 Program No. 18 - October 2, 1963
- interview: Leon Epstein
 Program No. 41 - March 11, 1964
Interview: George Marek (music critic)
Program No. 13 - August 28, 1963
- Richard Wagner Program
Interview: James Dolan (librarian)


Disco Archivia 175 - Volume 6
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
Program No. 14 - September 4, 1963 
Hary Janos Suite - Zoltan Kodaly (Toscanini Rehearsal)
Interview: Alfredo Antonini (conductor)
Program No. 19 - October 9, 1963 
Giuseppe Verdi 150th Annniversary of his Birth
Don Gillis on Toscanini and Verdi
Toscanini tells the story of his debut at 17
as conductor in Brazil with Aida, in a rare home
audio tape.
Feature: Toscanini and Verdi ... exploring the Maestros
personal relationship with Verdi from his role as second
cellist in premiere of Othello to conducting the vast forces
assembled at the National Funeral after the
death of Verdi in 1901.
Includes personal recollections about these events with
Walter Toscanini and others from the orchestra at that time.
Program No. 20 - October 16, 1963 
Feature: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony rehearsal
Interview:Robert Shaw, Eileen Farrell and others
 Program No. 21 - October 23, 1963
Rehearsals of La Traviata - Giuseppe Verdi
Interview: Robert Merrill (baritone), Jan Peerce


Disco Archivia 176 - Volume 7
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
Program No. 12 - August 21, 1963
Interview: Albert Walker -Toscanini's Assantant   
Program No. 10 - August 7, 1963
Interview: Antonino Rocca (wrestler)
Profile of Maestros singing voice in rehearsals
of Brahms:Tragic Ov., Weber:Der Freischutz etc.
 Program No. 32 - January 1, 1964
Interview: Remo Bolognini (violin) Assistant
Concertmaster both NBC and NY Phil. Humorous
expressions and anecdotes used by maestro.
 Program No. 28 - December 11, 1963
Interview: Ira Hirschmann (businessman and patron)
Disco Archivia 177 - Volume 8
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
 Program No. 27 - December 4, 1963
Interview: Howard Barlow (conductor) Excellent insights.
Program No. 39 - February 19, 1963
Interview: Licia Albanese (soprano)
 Program No. 40 - March 4, 1964
Interview: William MacDaniel?
Program No. 5 - July 3, 1963 
Interview: Don Gillis (producer, NBC Symphony).
Cute story ot Toscanini and friendship with
Gillis' young son.
Friedland Wagner (Wagners' Granddaughter)
Bernard Waggoner (composer)


Disco Archivia 178 - Volume 9
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
Program No. 8 - July 24, 1963
Interview: Karl Glassman (tympani) excellent
Program No. 6  - July 10, 1963
Interview: Howard Taubman
(drama/music critic, NY Times)
Program No. 9 - July 31, 1963
Interview: Gregor Piatigorsky (cello) excellent
Program No. 11 - August 14, 1963
Interview: Richard Mohr (RCA Recording Director)
Toscanini tells in his own words the story of earliest
conducting experiences in Italy at age 19 in Turin
and feature on the first La Scala recording sessions
in US. Told by Joseph Pasternak then 1920
Victor recordings executive.
Toscanini Rehearsal excerpts
Prokofiev: Classical Sym.
Wanda Toscanini interview.


Disco Archivia 179 - Volume 10
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
Program No. 24 - November 13, 1963
Interview: Samuel Chotzinoff (excellent interview)
The story of the NBC being formed and excerpts from
the actual first NBC Concert 11/13/37 announced
by Milton Cross.
 Program No. 23 - November 6, 1963
Interview: Aaron Copland (composer)
Berlioz::Queen Mab Toscanini in rehearsal
 Program No. 22 - October 30, 1963
Interview: Robert Hupka (RCA recording engineer)
Program No. 30 - December 18, 1963
Montage: Critical Review. The story of the first night
of first NBC Concert conducted by Toscanini 12/25/37
Interview: Marcia Davenport (writer).
Possibly the best interview of the series is Davenport.
Special guest:General David Sarnoff founder of RCA


Disco Archivia 190 - Volume 11
TOSCANINI - The Man Behind the Legend
Program No. 33 - January 8, 1964
Toscanini Memoria Program -many tributes
Interview: Walfredo Toscanini (grandson of Toscanini)
 Program No. 26 - November 27, 1963
Interviews: Rose Bampton (mezzo-soprano/soprano)
excellent interview
Program No. 51 - May 20, 1964
Interview: Herbert Grossman (conductor) Very personal insights
of life off the podium.
 Final Program: Program No. 52 - May 27, 1964
Interview: Vivian Della Chiesa (soprano)
Personal and professional insights.
Disco Archivia 169 - 2 CD Set
Symphony of the Air Carnegie Hall, NY
Bruno Walter- Beethoven: Eroica Symphony
Charles Munch- Debussy:La Mer
Pierre Monteux- Elgar: Enigma plus bonus items:
Arturo Toscanini- Emmett:Dixie 1950 tour Richmond, Va. +
Sousa:Stars and Stripes 4/4/43, El Capitan 27/8/44, National Anthem 9/9/43
Charles Munch: BSO 1958 Copland: Orchestral Variations
Fritz Reiner: CBS Orch. 2/9/45 Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe Suite #2


Disco Archivia 100
Schumann: Manfred Ov. 19/11/38
Schumann:Sinfonia n. 3 "Rhenish" 29/1/38
Gluck: Iphigenia in Aulis Ov. 28/1/39
Thomas: Mignon Ov. 14/3 /42
Franck: Redemption Preludio 2/3/47


Disco Archivia 101
Brahms:Sinfonia n. 3 15/10/38
Brahms: Variazioni di Haydn 26/10/38
Handel:Concerti Grosso op12 n6 19/2/38
Disco Archivia 102
Registrazioni Storiche 11/3/46
Mozart: Zauberflote Ov.
Mozart: Divermento k.287"
Mozart: Sinfonia n. 35 "Haffner"
Vieuxtemps: Ballad e Polonaise 14/12/40
Rubenstein: Valse Caprice 21/12/40


Disco Archivia 103
Registrazioni Storiche 13/1/46
Humperdinck : Hansel und Gretel Preludio
Prokofiev:Sinfonia n. 1 "Classical"
Liadov: Kikimora
Mancinelli:Fuga degli amanti
Enesco:Roumanian Rhapsodie n. 1
Strauss: Voce di Spring
Registrazioni Storiche 13/12/53
Moussorgski: Khovanchina Preludio
Franck: Les Eolides
Weber: Afforderung zum Tanz


Disco Archivia 104
Registrazioni Storiche 10/12/49
Giordano:Siberia Preludio Act 2
Giordani: IL Re "Moor Dance"
Puccini:Manon Lescaut Preludio Act 3
Busoni:Berceuse Elegiaque
Busoni:Rondo Arlecchinesco
Wolf-Ferrari:Le Donne Curiose Ov. 29/11/47
Wolf-Ferrari:Il segreto di Susanna 20/1/46
Sinigaglia:Le Baruffe Chiozotte Ov. 23/2/47
Scarlatti:Good Humored Ladies 24/3/46


Disco Archivia 105
Registrazioni Storiche 4/4/43
Herold: Zampa Ov.
Rossini: Passo a Sei
Boccherini: Minuet
Haydn: Serenade
Cherubini: Scherzo
Mussorgsky:Boris Preludio Act 3 e Polonaise
Ponchielli: Danza delle ore
Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody n. 2
Sousa: Stars & Stripes
Enesco Roumanian Rhapsody n.1 14/12/40
Brahms: Hungarian Dances 13/11/48


Disco Archivia 106
Registrazioni Storiche 17/2/51
Debussy: Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faun
Respighi:Fontane di Roma
Elgar:Variazioni "Enigma"
Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor Ov. 18/7/43
Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night Dream Ov.


Disco Archivia 107
Tschaikovsky:Voyevoda Ov. 19/4/41
Borodin:Sinfonia n. 2 26/2/38
Gluck: Iphigenia in Aulis Ov. 28/1/39
Kalinnikov: Sinfonia n. 1 7/11/43
Degeyter: L'Internationale 7/11/43


Disco Archivia 108
Tschaikovsky: Waltz Eugene Onegin 25/8/44
Tschakovsky: Sinfonia n. 6 29/10/38
Tschaikovsky: Tempete op.18 12/3/44


Disco Archivia 109
Rossini: Guglielmo Tell Ov.
Rossini: G. Tell Passo a sei & Ballabie dei Soldati 28/1/39
Rossini: La Gazza Ladra Ov. 12/4/41
Rossini: IL Signor Bruschino Ov. 8/11/42
Rossini: Semiramide Ov. 5/2/38
Rossini:La Cenerentola Ov. 22/10/38
Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia Ov. 21/11/43
Rossini: La Scala di seta Ov. 5/3/49


Disco Archivia 110
Beethoven:Sinfonia n. 3 "Eroica" 5/11/44
Beethoven:Leonora #1 Ov. 29/10/44
Beethoven:Leonora #2 Ov.19/11/44


Disco Archivia 111
Beethoven: Sinfonia n. 6 "Pastorale" 8/1/38
Beethoven: Leonora #3 Ov. 17/12/44
Beethoven: Prometheus Ov. +
Adagio & Andante 19/3/49
Beethoven: Qt. #13 Cavatina 26/11/44
Beethoven: Qt. #9 Fugue 26/11/44


Disco Archivia 112
Beethoven: Sinfonia n. 9 24/7/41
Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires
Hedwig, Maison, Kipnis, Kinderman
Beethoven: Coriolan Ov. 6/12/53


Disco Archivia 113
Registrazioni Storiche 10/2/51
Mendelssohn:Midsummer Night Dream Ov.
Brahms: Sinfonia n. 2
Tschaikovsky:Romeo e Giulietta 21/3/53


Disco Archivia 114
Registrazioni Storiche 22/11/47
Bach: Suite n. 3
Vivaldi: Violin Concerto B flat
Handel:Concerti Grosso in b op.6 n.12
Bach-Respighi: Passacaglia & Fugue in c
Vivaldi: Concerti Grosso op.3 n.11(14/3/54)
Misha Mischakoff, Edwin Bachmann,
Frank Miller, Yella Pessl


Disco Archivia 115
Registrazioni Storiche 4/1/45
Gluck:Orfeo e Eurydice Act 2
Bach:St. Matthew Passion Finale Chorus
Edna Phillips, Nan Merriman
Peter Wilhousky - Choir
Goldmark:Rustic Wedding Sinfonie 3/9/44
(2 movements)
Rossini:La Gazza Ladra Ov. 25/6/44


Disco Archivia 116
Registrazioni Storiche 1/11/47
Mendelssohn:Fair Melusine Ov., Quintet:Adagio & Lento, Midsummer Nights Dream
Edna Phillips, Genevieve Warner
Peter Wilhousky - Choir
+ Fingal's Cave Ov. 4/11/45


Disco Archivia 117 & 118 - a 2 CD Set
Registrazioni Storiche 3/5/38 Wagner:
Faust Ov., Lohengrin Act I e III Preludio
Tannhauser Ov. , Rhine Journey, Parsifal:Preludio
Wagner program: 3/4/38 (concluded on disc 2)
Tristan e Isolda Suite, and Ride of Valkyries
+bonus Flying Dutchman Ov. 26/2/38
Parsifal Synthesis Act III 23/3/40
Rienzi Ov. 3/12/38
Tannhauser:Dich Teure Halle 22/2/41 (Traubel)
Disco Archivia 119
Registrazioni Storiche 15/3/52
Sibelius:En Saga
Debussy:Nuages & Fete
Rossini:Guglielmo Tell Ov.
+ Ravel:Daphnis et Chloe Suite n.2 (19/11/49)


Disco Archivia 120 Toscanini - BBC Sym
Registrazioni Storiche 1938-1939
Rossini:Scala di Seta Ov 6/6/38
Beethoven:Sinfonia n. 5 12/5/39
Weber: Afforderung zum Tanz 6/6/38
Schubert: Sinfonia n. 8 14/10/39 (NBC)
Disco Archivia 121 Toscanini - BBC Sym
Beethoven:Prometheus Ov 19/6/39
Beethoven:Sinfonia n. 4 8/5/39
Wagner: Tannhauser ex. 5/39
Beethoven:Sinfonia n. 7 14/6/35 (not the 12/6/35 performance issued on BBC CD)


Disco Archivia 122 Toscanini - 1949 Venice Festival
Beethoven:Sinfonia n. 6 Aug '49
Strauss:Don Juan Aug '49
+ Wagner: Walkure 27/11/32 1 st Act - Scene 3 - w. Alsen, Althouse - NY
Disco Archivia 123 Toscanini - Hague Residentie Orchestra
Complete Concert of 23/3/1938 plus
rare rehearsals segments .
Cherubini:Anacreon Ov.
Debussy:Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune (+rehearsals)
Dukas: L'Apprenti Sorcier
Haydn:Sinfonie n. 101
Strauss: Tod und Verklärung (rehearsal)
+Wagner: Tannhauser Ov. 7/46 Lucerne (rehearsal)


Disco Archivia 124 & 125 - a 2 CD Set
Toscanini in New York
Complete 1936Concert:
Beethoven:Leonora n. 3 Ov.
Mozart:Sinfonia n. 40
Schubert:Sinfonia n. 9
3 bonus items:
Mendelssohn:Violin Concerti (w. Nathan Milstein) 1935
Wagner:Tristan e Isolde ex. Elsa Alsen soloisti 27/11/32
Brahms:Concerti n.2 w. Robert Casadesus 1936


Disco Archivia 126 Toscanini - IN STEREO
The FINAL CONCERT 4/4/54 all Wagner
the Last Rehearsal - Rhine Journey 3/4/54
Lohengrin Act 1 Prelude, Forest Murmurs, Rhine Journey, Tannhauser Ovt. e Bacchanale, Meistersinger Prelude Act 1
 Disco Archivia 127 Toscanini - IN STEREO 21/3/54
Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia Ov.
Tschakovsky: Sinfonia n. 6
plus rehearsal - Tschakovsky: Sinfonia n. 6
Disco Archivia `128 Toscanini
Complete Concert 5/2/38
Scarlotti:Good Humored Ladies
Mendelssohn:Sinfonie n. 4
Berlioz:Queen Mab Scherzo
Rossini:Semirimade Ov.
plus bonus Bazzini:Saul Ov. 14/1/39
Disco Archivia 129 Toscanini
Complete Concert 29/1/38
Rossini:La Scala di Seta Ov.
Schumann:Rhenish Sinfonie n. 3
Paganini:Moto Perpetuo
Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
 Disco Archivia 130 Toscanini
Complete Concert 5/11/39
Graener:Flute of Sans-Souci
Barber:Adagio e Essay n. 1
Dvorak:Sinfonie n. 9
 Disco Archivia 131 Toscanini
Complete Concert 25/12/37
Vivaldi:Concerto Grosso in d
Mozart:Sinfonie n. 40
Brahms:Sinfonie n. 1
 Disco Archivia 132 Toscanini
Complete Concert 25/2/39
Wagner:Flying Dutchman Ov.
Tannhauser:Prelude Act III
Tannhauser: Ovt. Act 1 &Venusburg Music
Siegfried Rhine Journey
Ride of the Walkure


Disco Archivia 133 Toscanini
The 20th Century Russians
Kabalevsky:Colas Breugnon Ov 11/4/43
Kabalevsky:Sinfonie n. 2 18/11/42 (1942 performance)
Shostakovitch:Sinfonie n. 1 14/1/39
Prokofiev:Sinfonie n. 1 25/6/44
 Disco Archivia 134Toscanini
Complete concert 7/1/39
Mozart:Sinfonie n. 35
Loeffler:Memories of My Childhood
Brahms/Rubbra:Variations on a Theme by Handel
Wagner:Meistersinger Prelude



Disco Archivia 135 Toscanini
Complete Concert 20/1/46
Wolf-Ferrari:Secreto di Suzanne
Busoni:Rondo Arlecchinesco
Martucci:Piano Concerto n. 1 w. Glauco d'Attily
Wolf-Ferrari:Le Donne Curiose Ov. 29/11/47
Debussy:Iberia 18/11/41


 Disco Archivia 136 Toscanini
Concert of 2/12/39
Beethoven:Choral Fantasy (w. Dorfmann)
Beethoven:Sinfonie n. 9 (w. Novotna, Peerce, Moscona, Thorborg)
 Disco Archivia 137 Toscanini
Complete Beethoven Concert 25/10/47
Consecration of the House Ovt.
Sting Quartet op. 135 - 2 Movements
Beethoven:Sinfonie n. 7
plus bonus: Consecration of the House Ovt. and excerpts from the Creatures of Prometheus ballet 19/3/49
 Disco Archivia 138 Toscanini
Sinfonie n. 9 from Teatro Colon w. Hellweg, Kindermann, Maison, Kipnis 24/7/41 plus bonus:
Copland: El Salon Mexico 1/43/42
 Disco Archivia 139 Toscanini
Smetana:Bartered Bride Ov. 25/11/38
Dvorak:Scherzo Capriccioso 28/1/45
Dvorak:Symphonic Variations 17/11/51
Rossini: Passo a sei & Ballabie dei Soldati 28/11/39
Strong:Die Nacht 21/10/39
Fernandez:Batuque 14/5/40
Sousa:Semper Fidelis 27/8/44
 Disco Archivia 140 Toscanini Rehearsals 2 CD Set
Verdi:Requiem 1951 dress rehearsal (90 minutes)
Othello 2 short sections - 1947
Tchaikovsky: Manfred - 1953
Sinigaglia:Baruffe Chiozzotte 22/2/47 plus performances:
Berlioz:Les Francs Juges 5/4/41
Vaughan Williams:Tallis Fantasy 18/11/45
Ravel:Bolero 21/1/39
Mussorgsky:Kovantchina Prelude 12/3/44
Bach/Respighi: Passacaglia and Fugue 27/11/47


Disco Archivia 141 Toscanini Rehearsals
Sibelius:Sinfonie n. 4 1940
Dvorak:Scherzo Capricciolo 1945
Brahms:Piano concerto n. 2 1948
 Disco Archivia 142 Toscanini Rehearsals
Magic Flute 11/5/47
Beethoven:Sinfonie n. 9 27/3/52
La Traviata Nov. 28 and 30 1946
Aida 1949
Strauss: Tod und Verklärung 1952


Disco Archivia 143 Toscanini Rehearsals

Respighi:Fontane di Roma 19/2/51

Disco Archivia 144 Toscanini Rehearsals
Debussy:Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune 1953
Debussy: La Mer 1953
Catalani:La Wally 1952
Wagner:Rhine Journey 1941
Disco Archivia 145 Toscanini All-Haydn
Sinfonie n. 104 31/10/43
Sinfonie n. 92 19/3/44
Sinfonie n. 31 29/10/38
Serenade 27/8/44
 Disco Archivia 146 Toscanini Italian Program
Bossi:Intermezzo Goldoniani 3/9/44
Mancinelli:Venetian Scenes 13/3/48
Busoni:Rondo Arlecchinesco w. Jan Peerce 15/11/38
Tomassini:Carnival di Veneziani 15/11/38
Foroni:Ovt. in c 2/9/45
Rossini:Semiirimade 13/3/48
Sinigaglia:La Baruffe - rehearsal
Rossini:Moses Act 4 Scene 3 11/5/46 La Scala
Tebaldi, Gardino, Malipiero, Pasero
Puccini: Manon Lescaus Act 3 Scene
Favero, Stabile, Forti, Malipiero, Nessi 11/5/46 La Scala
 Disco Archivia 147 Toscanini
Wagner:Flying Dutchman Ovt. 31/3/46
Beethoven:Cavatinaa 26/11/44
Mozart:Sinfonie n. 29 3/9/44
Mendelssohn:Hibrides Ovt. 4/11/45
Mendelssohn:Die Schone Melusine Ovt. 1/11/47
 Disco Archivia 148 Toscanini
Strauss:Voices of Spring 15/2/41
Schubert:Gastein Sinfonie (orch Joachim) D. 812 15/2/41
Schumann:Sinfonie n. 2 29/3/41
 Disco Archivia 149 Toscanini
20th Century Rarities
Sinigaglia:La Baruffe Chiozzotte Ovt. 23/2/47
Gilbert:Comedy Ovt. 7/2/43
Atterberg:Sinfnie n. 6 21/11/43
Rieti:Tripartita Sinfonie 25/11/45
Siegmeister:Western Suite 25/11/45
 Disco Archivia 150 Toscanini
Complete concert 27/10/46
Wagner:Faust Ovt.
Berlioz:Aroldo in Italia (Primrose)
Liszt:From the Cradle to the Grave 8/2/41
 Disco Archivia 151 Toscanini
Complete concert 14/3/54
Vivaldi:Concerto Grosso op.3 #11
Verdi:Te Deum
Boito:Mefistofele Prologue (Siepi)
Puccini:Manon Lescaut Intermezzo 2/7/44
Verdi:Aida Ovt. 30/3/40
 Disco Archivia 152 Toscanini
Russian Program
Tchaikovsky:Voyevoda op. 3 19/4/41
Tchakovsky:Tempast op. 18 12/3/44
Mussorgsky:Boris Godunov Intro &Polonaise 4/4/43
Borodin:Sinfonie n. 2 26/2/38
Rubenstein: Valse Caprice 21/12/40
 Disco Archivia 153 Toscanini
Program of American Music
Creston:Frontiers 25/11/45
Gould:Lincoln Legend 1/11/42
Griffes: White Peacock 7/2/43
Kennan:Night Soliloquy 7/2/43
Grofe:Grand Canyon Suite 7/2/43
 Disco Archivia 154 Toscanini
Verdi:Requiem - La Scala 26/6/50
Tebaldi, Elmo, Siepi, Prandelli
Disco Archivia 155 Toscanini
Complete Concert of 2/8/52 in Hi Fi
Harold:Zampa Ovt.
Humperdinck:Hansel und Gretel
Weber:Oberon Ovt.
Catalani: La Wally
Bizet:Carmen Suite plus bonus:
Martucci:La Canzone dei Ricordi 29/3/41 (Castagna)
 Disco Archivia 156 Toscanini
Orchestral Showpieces
Franck:Redemption 2/3/47
Dukas:Ariane et Barbe-Bleue Suite 2/3/47
De Falla:El Amor Brujo 28/1/39 (Burzio)
Glinka:Jota Aragonesa 4/11/45
 Disco Archivia 157 Toscanini
Complete All - Bizet Program of 19/9/43
Fair Maid of Perth
L'Arlesienne Suites 1 and 2 excerpts
Carmen Suite
Meyerbeer:Dinorah Ovt. 12/1/38
Meyerbeer: L'Etoile du Nord Ovt. 2/11/51
Disco Archivia 158 Toscanini
Summer Pops Concert 18/7/43
Massenet:Scenes Alsaciennes
Bolzoni:Medieval Castle
Strauss:Voices of Spring
Nicolai:Merry Wives of Windsor
Cherubini:String Quartet - Scherzo 4/4/43
Elgar: Introduction and Allegro 20/4/40
 Disco Archivia 159 Toscanini
More 20th Century Rarities
Mingone:4 Brazilian Sketches 2/4/44
Franchetti:Christoforo Colombo 14/12/40
Mingone:Fantasia Brasileria 14/11/43 (Segal - piano)
Castelnuovo Tedesco:Taming of the Shrew Ovt. 26/3/44
Kabalevsky:Sinfonie n. 2 25/3/45 (1945 performance)
Disco Archivia 160 Toscanini
Debussy Program 13/4/40
Marche Ecossaisse
La Damoiselle Elue (with Novotna) plus:
Vieuxtemps:Ballad and Polonaise 14/12/40
Roussel:Le festin de l'araignée 7/4/46
Disco Archivia 161 Toscanini
1945 NY Farewell Program 13/1/45
Haydn:Sinfonie 101
Respighi:Pini di Roma
Sibelius:Swan of Tuonela
Wagner:Funeral Music
Weber:Euryanthe Ovt.
 Disco Archivia 162 Toscanini 2 CD Set
New York all-Beethoven Program
Coriolan Ovt 2/2/36
Sinfonie 4 2/2/36
Sinfonie 8 8/3/36
Sinfonie 9 8/3/36 w. Kullman, Pinza, Bampton, Tentoni
Triple Concerto 1/5/42 w. Piastro, Schuster, Dorfmann
 Disco Archivia 163 Toscanini 2 CD Set
Verdi Concert of 26/4/48
Te Deum
Requiem with Nelli, Scott, McGrath, Merriman
plus: Wagner:Die Walkure 6/4/47 Act 1 Scene 3
with Bampton, Svanholm
 Disco Archivia 164 Toscanini 2 CD Set
New York all-Beethoven (Volume 2)
Sinfonie n. 1 23/2/36
Piano Concerto n. 4 (w. Serkin) 23/2/36
Triple Concerto - last mvt. 16/4/33 with Carerras, Piastro, Wallenstein
Missa Solemnis 28/4/35 Martinelli, Rethberg, Pinza, Teva
 Disco Archivia 165 Toscanini
NY Program of Shorter Works
Bach/Wood: Toccata & Fugue in d 23/2/36
Handel:Susanna Ovt. 15/3/36
Kozleuch:Andante and Allegro 15/3/36
Bach:Brandenburg Concerto n. 2 30/1/36
Beethoven: Leonore Ovt. n. 2 7/3/54 NBC
Martucci:Piano Concerto n. 1 17/1/53 (Horszowski) NBC


 Disco Archivia 166 Toscanini
Beethoven Program
Coriolan Ovt. 6/12/53
Sinfonie n. 3 3/12/38
Fugue 26/11/44
Creatures of Prometheus Ovt. 3/2/51
Creatures of Prometheus Adagio and Allegro 19/3/49
 Disco Archivia 167 Toscanini
Classical Program
Mozart:Sinfonie Concertante 15/2/41 Cooley , Mischakoff
Haydn:Sinfonie 98 22/1/38
Boccherini: Quartet #1 op. 6 in D
bonus: Berlioz:Le Carnival Romain Ovt. 10/1/53
 Disco Archivia 168 Toscanini
Concert of 3/4/48
Beethoven:Sinfonie n. 9 w. Robert Shaw
McKnight, Hobson, Scott, Dillon
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